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How do I post my ad?

You must first register by clicking on "Sell your Item now". Now enter your data and click on Save. Now you can log in with your email and password.

Click (Account) then New ad.

Choose a category where your advertisement should appear. After you have entered everything and have also uploaded photos, click Save, now your ad is online for 4 weeks.

Title: This refers to your article, for example:
Honda Civic very good condition.

Note: Website, this means your own website if you have one so you can enter your website.
Your ad will not be online until you upload at least one photo.

If you forgot your password, click on:
"Forgot Password?" You will receive a new password via e-mail, open your e-mail.
You can login with this password and if you click on Account, "edit Account" then you can change the password.

Paano mag Post ng mga Binibenta nyo po?
Una po, Register po kayo by clicking Sell your item. Tapos po, fill upon nyo yong form pagkatapos nyo pong ma fill up yon click nyo po yong save. Pagkatapos po Log in na po kayo, gamit po yong Email at saka Password nyo po.

Click nyo po yong Account, then New Ad.
Pumili ng Category, kung saan nabibilang yong pinopost nyo po. Pagkatapos nyo pong ma fill upon lahat at mag upload ng photos sa mga binibenta nyo po, then save nyo lang po. Pagkatapos nyo pong ma save yon yong pinopost nyo po, ma online sa loob ng 4 weeks.

Title: This refers to your article, for example:
Honda Civic very good condition.

WEBSITE: sa website po, pag may website po kayong sa pinopost nyo po. Puede nyo po i link sa, pag wala po kayong website huwag niyo nalang po lagyan.
Yong pinopost niyo po na walang photos, hindi po ma oonline. Ma online po lamang siya pag may isa o higit pa na photos na nka upload.

Pag nakalimutan nyo po yong Password niyo:
Click nyo po yog Forgot Password, pagkatapos noon may isesend sa email ad mo na new Password. Pag natanggap nyo na po yong new password sa email ad nyo, log in po kayo at ilagay yong new password nyo na natanggap sa email ad nyo.
Pag i click niyo po yong Account, puede nyo pong e change password.