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Prices for Premium Ads

The standard ads (normal ads)
for all categories are free. You can also post multiple standard ads for free.

The premium ads cost between 400 and 1000 pesos a month, per ad. (7 - 17 €) (8 - 19 US dollars). Depending on the category.

For several premium ads, there is a package price when you post one or more premium ads for several months, but there is also a discount. Please request by mail:

What does Startpage-Premium and Premium ad pray for?

A Startpage premium ad is placed at the top of the Startpage and is framed. This is separate for each country.

A Premium Ad will appear in the categories Framed first, if you choose a category then you will see the Premium Ads (Framed) at the top of the page and on the Startpage after the Ads Premium pages below the Startpage, not Framed. This is separate for each country.

Startpage Premium Ads are only possible together with Premium Ads, which means they have to choose Premium and then Startpage, so their ad is also framed on our Homepage. Only premium ads are possible.

A Startpage-Premium ad is highly recommended because it is read much more and first.