Reptiles and Amphibians

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Leopard gecko

Morph Supersnow Doh january 5 2018 Doi 58days incubated Gender unsex Parent info. Macksnow x sup..

Model: Phone: 0948-517-9140


leopard gecko dogs cats hamster

Selling my leopard gecko. It was just bought a month ago. Female 1 year and 8 months 0975-189..

Model: Phone: 0975-189-7886


male iguana

male iguana for sale 2years old .rush rush   0956-532-4988 ..

Model: Phone:0956-532-4988


Pinstripe Ball Python

Morph: Pinstripe Gender: Male Diet: Adult mice. Rats. Hatched 2016 Super tame. No striking hi..

Model: Phone: 0908-147-6032


Radiata Turtoise SunRays Shell

Scientific Name: Astrochelys Radiata Place of Origin: Southern Madagascar Radiata or Radiated ..

Model: Phone: 0907-439-5467


Red Ear Turtle Medium

450 each Medium size Pm me for reservation 09263504883 Meet up LRT/MRT stations add 70 for tra..

Model: Phone: 0926-350-4883